Kaushal Army Stand United To Salvage Bigg Boss Winner’s Tarnished Reputation  

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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons. When Kaushal was inside the house, he was a trendsetter and also a newsmaker even after his win in the house. Post the show, most of them have expected Kaushal would venture into films. But Kaushal had other plans. His philanthropic side came to the fore when he donated his Bigg Boss cash prize of Rs 50 lakhs to cancer survivors.

Post winning the reality game show, Kaushal received a lot of love and appreciation from the audiences. Recently, he helped victims of cyclone titli in Andhra Pradesh. Kaushal feels indebted to his army of fans for making him win the show. It was his army which made him popular and brought him huge fame, name across the globe. Kaushal is now all set to prove his loyalty to their fans. Kaushal printed a tattoo on his chest depicting Kaushal army. His fans went can't top going gaga over things kaushal has been doing since his exit from the show.

A few days ago, Kaushal Manda declared that Harvard Bible University had decided to honor him with a doctorate degree. Recently, one of the Telugu news channels, brought to light that all this news was a mere hoax. And no, the channel didn't really blame Kaushal as such. The TV anchor who exposed the truth beind all of Kaushal claims made the Bigg Boss winner understand that he had been taken on a ride. Kaushal too appeared zapped to know about it.

However, this hasn't gone down well with Kaushal's army of fans. After the Kaushal doctorate expose on TV, Kaushal army has once again united to stand as strong pillar of support for him. They are using the hashtags #Welovekaushal and #Wearewithkaushal. Check out the tweets:

Truth be told, Kaushal too was in the dark about all these claims. The only mistake Kaushal did was to not verify the facts before making an announcement. This misinformation has now tarnished his reputation. Yet, Kaushal army stands by him like they always did when he was inside the big house.

Currently, Kaushal is travelling to different parts of the world to meet his fans as well as to spend some quality time with them. They are all the reason for Kaushal to become what he is today. Coming to back films, Kaushal has reportedly signed his first film with Maruthi Director. There is no update as of now about the launch and other details.

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