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Do you remember Kaushal Manda who was the contestant of Bigg Boss-2? Of course, if you are an avid BB fan, there is little chance that you would have missed him! There is no doubt Kaushal’s actions and attitude on the show made him an icon in the showbiz industry. On top of it all, he emerged as the winner of the show and thus became a household name on the small screen. Post the show, Kaushal was showered with a few awards including Bahu Mukha Pragna Ratna Award, Most popular TV Star in social media and few others.

Kaushal was basking in the success of the show. If you recall we also heard that Kaushal will soon receive a Doctorate from Harvest Bible University. Recently, there were even reports that Kaushal had rejected it as he thought he didn't deserve it just for winning a reality TV show. Receiving a doctorate is no joke. It requires a lot of hard work and months of dedication and research on a particular subject after which you are conferred the title. However, there are cases of people who have received the honour without much work. That is a honororary title given if the person has contributed immensely to a particular field. In case of Kaushal, he’s only starting out now. Even though he is a popular TV icon, there are others too who have won reality shows. Remember even Shilpa Shetty who won the celebrity Big Brother show in UK after being subject to racial abuse didn’t get any such honour. So it came as a surprise for many when Kaushal claimed that he had got a call from a certain varsity saying he would be conferred the doctorate. The Kaushal Army went gag a over the news and the news went viral.

However, a section of the audience on social media rubbished the claims as rumours. They even wondered what great work had Kaushal done to deserve such an honour. So what’s the truth about Kaushal’s doctorate claims? Let’s find out…

Truth about Kaushal doctorate claims

A few shocking facts have emerged about Kaushal which will certainly leave you shocked. Few days ago, Kaushal openly stated in an interview that he had received a call from Rajendra Prasad about a University conferring doctorate title on him. Rajendra Prasad apparently put Kaushal on conference call with the dean of Harvest bible university, named Solomon. It has emerged that Rajendra Prasad’s call to Kaushal about Doctorate proposal was true. However, what’s not is the fact that Rajendra Prasad doesn't have any connection with the said University. It was being said that Rajendra Prasad had a friend Solomon, a member of Harvest University, to whom Prasad refers names from India for felicitation.

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However, now it appears all that is false and fake news! Here is the truth, when one of the leading Telugu news channels approached the concerned department at the Harvest Bible University about Doctorate to Kaushal Manda. An official there stated, "We are receiving numerous mails and calls from the public about Kaushal’s doctorate. We don't have any idea why we are receiving them. We have no idea who he is. We are not responding to any of the emails which we have received from people."

When asked on a live TV show, Kaushal said he believed the call to be true out of respect as he had just won a reality show. Besides, he never thought it was necessary to cross check the news. So, it is now clear that Kaushal will not be getting any doctorate from Harvest Bible University. The TV anchor who spoke to the university as well as Rajendra Prasad live on television nailed Kaushal’s false claims. We are not sure if Kaushal was in the know of things or he was taken for a ride too. Whatever be the case, it would have helped for the BB winner to verify facts before making such tall claims. He’s a public figure now and has to tread carefully rather than making statements to stay in the news.

Besides, it hurts his image and he should not forget that even his own army of fans feel let down by such public embarrassment as they have supported him unconditionally during his stint on Bigg Boss show. Let’s hope Kaushal is extra careful next time than to believe all this.

Currently, Kaushal is jetting off to Australia on Bigg Boss success tour to meet his fans. He will be soon making a comeback into films which could probably take place next year.

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