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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 contestants Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri were strong contenders on the show. Kaushal emerged as the winner of telugu Bigg Boss-2. Geetha Madhuri ended up as a runner up of the show. They had huge differences, jealous of each other and battled it out to clinch the title during their stint on the show. One can't refute the fact that Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri have enthralled the telugu audiences with their nasty comments and gossip about others. Those who don't know, Telugu Bigg Boss 2 was declared a blockbuster show on regional television--Thanks to all the contestants of Bigg Boss-2 like Kaushal, Nutan Naidu, Geetha, Tejaswi, Tanish and Samrat. A big round of applause for everyone while special credit goes to

Kaushal because of whom the show reached wider audiences and garnered record TRPs.

It's been a while since the duo went into oblivion. Now, Geetha Madhuri is making the headlines again for all the good reasons. We hear she has jetted off to USA to have a vacation. She is busy meeting her friends in the big apple. As you all know, Time flies and people won't be the same or hold grudges for a long time. Don't get confused about what we are talking. It appears Geetha Madhuri has forgotten her spat with Kaushal on Bigg Boss at the time of climax. Geetha Madhuri herself threw a surprise for Kaushal. If you are a part of Kaushal army, you must be curious to find out.

Geetha Madhuri met Kaushal fans in the US who are seen waving hi in a video which has gone viral on a social media network within no time. Few sections of audiences have even appreciated Geetha Madhuri's sincerity in introducing her rival contestant's fans on public platform. Several questions are now on the minds of movie buffs? Is Geetha trying to patch up with Kaushal? Is Geetha trying to take help from Kaushal who got stardom with the show? Or is she trying to clear the air of misunderstanding by sending out a message to all their fans that all is well between them? Well, we don't have any exact answers for all these questions. But, Kaushal and Geetha Madhuri reuniting is always a cheerful news to the audiences. Isnt it? What do you think guys? Are you happy?

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