Kaushal Success Spoilt Tanish Career Plans?

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It's been a while since the wrap up of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. It is a known fact that the show became a blockbuster hit in Telugu television history. Perhaps that's the reason the talk about the show refuses to die down among TV viewers. On one side, audiences are desperately waiting for the next season to be aired. On the other side, Season-2 contestants like Geetha Madhuri, Tanish, TV9 Deepthi and Samrat are trying to take pot shots at Bigg Boss winner Kaushal Manda. It appears that Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants are jealous of Kaushal's popularity.

It is a known fact that Bigg Boss contestants Geetha Madhuri and Tanish enjoyed a huge fan following in the Telugu states. However, after the show, they lost their fans following their fight with Kaushal and also cornered him on the show. Tanish who was away from the silver screen is waiting for a good script to act again. But all his films have become duds at the box office. Tanish had thought his appearance in Bigg Boss would help fetch good offers from big production houses. Unfortunately, Tanish expectations to build his star image couldn't reach anywhere. It is being said that Tanish publicity plans and movie offers have been shattered because of Kaushal. There's no denying that Kaushal enjoys a huge fan following. He's also the man of the moment what with him being invited as the chief guest at every possible event—right from shopping malls to TV shows. Kaushal is getting immense publicity  when compared to other contestants. On the other hand, Tanish is unable to digest the growing popularity of Kaushal.

Tanish's forthcoming flick Desi Shimmari which is gearing up for release in the month of November. He is expecting that his film would do good business at the box office. It has been learned that Tanish is regretting  being a part of Bigg Boss-2 which didn't help his career. Moreover, Kaushal's success seems to have put a break on Tanish's career. The show made him lose film offers and fan following, it is learned. It remains to be seen what will be the the fate of Tanish's Desi Shimmari and the resoponse the film will get from the audiences no to mention its collections at the box office.

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