Top Telugu Actress Adopts School In Aluru, Haasan

Actress Pranitha Subhash  - Sakshi Post

Actress Pranitha Subhash is in the news once again!And no, it's not for her Telugu movie Hello Guru Prema Kosame with Ram and Anupama Paremeshwaran, but for adopting a Government school in Aluru in her native town of Haasan in Karnataka.

Last year she was first associated with a government school in Bangalore through a Teach India program. Overwhelmed by the experience she had by teaching them, she realised that students in Govt. schools didn't have the required infrastructure, or teaching facilities and this prompted her to adopt one and make a change in students' lives.

She chose the school in Aluru because her father belonged to that place and has donated Rs Five lakhs towards the development of the school building , construction of toilets for girls and other infrastructure needed for the students. Apart from the building Pranitha also plans to teach necessary skill sets required for developing students personalities and once this school is completed, she also plans to adopt some more schools in the near future.

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