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Singer Geetha Madhuri has proved her stamina in Telugu Bigg Boss as one of the strong competitors to other contestants. Her attitude towards the show made everyone believe that she would clinch the title of the show. She couldn't bag the title due to lack of votes. His fans didn't get disappointed because there was a consolation that she was the runner-up of the show.

The singer has been grabbing the headlines ever since the show became a hit in Television history. This time, Geetha Madhuri is in the news not because of her fight with Kaushal, his army or about losing the title but she's back in the news for her reputation.

While speaking to a leading tabloid, Geetha Madhuri clearly stated that Kaushal winning the title of the show was justified as he had bagged a huge margin of votes when compared to others. There is no second thoughts about his winning, she said, adding, Forget it, I'm happy for his achievement as we both used to be good friends.

She went on to say Bigg Boss organisers telecast just ninety minutes footage while the camera would have captured happenings  24/7. She alleged that Bigg Boss show organisers created negative opinion about her by showing select footage. They never telecasted the entire footage. They have shown only clips where I was talking about others. They have framed me to look like I a backstabber. They portrayd me as if I was backstabbling Kaushal or co-contestants. Geetha Madhuri is hugely disappointed with the way  of Bigg Boss execution and their editing style.

People who were regular followers of the show thought Geetha Madhuri could be the winner of the show. Her housemates on the show  praised her and even host of the show Nani himself called her as an epitome of justice. That made her proud and boosted her confidence levels. She lost the Bigg Boss battle over huge clashes with crowd favourite Kaushal Manda. Geetha would have won if she had played a fair game without any conflicts with other inmates.

Now, it remains to be seen how will Bigg Boss repay Geetha Madhuri over her damaged reputation.

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