Truth About Kaushal Donating Bigg Boss Prize Money

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Bigg Boss contestant Kaushal Manda has become a centre of attraction post the Big Boss2 win. With this he is also carving a niche for himself in Tollywood with his new movies. Because of his fair attitude in the Bigg Boss show he has garnered a crazy fan following among the masses and his army(Kaushal Army) is trending on Google and other social media platforms.

Kaushal was the winner of the Bigg Boss and he got a cash prize of Rs 50 Lakhs. He had donated his entire prize amount to cancer survivors as both his mother passed away with same disease. When asked whether he set up the Kaushal Army even beofre the show started he clarified saying that that he was not from a wealthy family. If he had so much money, why would he stay in a rented accommodation for which he paid Rs 20k every month. Even I need to pay my car loan. If I really have had so much money, why would I go to play the game for Rs 50 Lakhs?

Wealthy people have so much of attitude. With the same attitude, they will never allow other people to say anything to them. They will walk out of the door. I was in the house and had gone through so much where no contestant faced that much. My hard work had paid off. Finally, I'm relieved and happy to receive my Kaushal army's unconditional love. I love my mother so much and she passed away due to cancer. I have a lot of mother's sentiment and I believe other mothers who are suffering with cancer shouldn't worry about treatment due to lack of funds. That's why I donated my whole prize amount to cancer survivors.

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