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Bigg Boss 2 contestant Geetha Madhuri missed the winner's title by a whisker. She lost the crown because of housemate and crowd favourite Kaushal Manda. Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal had many differences during the show when it was in its final stage although they were on good terms when they entered the house.

Both were competing with each other to clinch the title. The buzz was that Geetha became overconfident about winning the game and did not put in the efforts needed to get there.

It is always said that destiny favours the brave and true enough the title went to Kaushal who bagged more than 40 Crores votes from the Telugu audiences.It is a known fact that Kaushal has become a household name after his stint in Bigg Boss. He is busy giving back to back interviews, receiving felicitations from people, and conducting success tours in the Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Recently, Kaushal made some comments against other contestants in the Bigg Boss house. Post the show, they neither called him to congratulate him or invited him to the parties being hosted by Bigg Boss 2 contestants. Kaushal admitted that he had not been invited to Bigg Boss contestant Bhanu Shri's birthday celebrations. Neither did he attend Tejaswi's party for her Bigg Boss housemates.

Following Kaushal's remarks, runner up Geetha Madhuri has made some sensational comments against him. Looks like the tiff between Kaushal and Geetha is all set to start again on social media platforms. In an interview, Geetha revealed interesting facts about Kaushal. She says: "There is no truth in Kaushal's words. I don't take winning and losing seriously. I never took the game as a serious challenge. They are part and parcel of our lives. When Kaushal was officially announced winner of the show. Within minutes, I congratulated him on the dais. I felt congratulating directly would be better than calling or texting him. At the time, Nandu was beside me, i asked him to wait a moment so I could congratulate Kaushal and get back. Nandu was right beside me when I congratulated Kaushal."

Kaushal, however, claimed that so far none of the contestants had called to him to wish him on Bigg Boss victory. Responding to the allegation, Geetha said, "I tried his number. But, it wasn't reachable. I left a voice message on his other number. saying 'Kaushal garu..Ela unaru? People are asking your number? Shall I give them?' Kaushal's wife Neelima has responded to my messages. She asked me to share his number. What more should I tell about him? Why can't he call us instead of waiting for our calls?" she asks.

Coming to Bhanu Shri birthday celebrations, every Bigg Boss 2 contestant was part of the event except Kaushal. Bhanu took his number from me(Geetha) and called him. But, Kaushal didn't answer her calls. Bhanu told me she even dropped a message to Kaushal about the party. I told her, You did whatever you are supposed to do. We are perfect from our side. Actually, Kaushal must tell the audiences they called him and he didn't answer. Instead of that, he is spreading false news and we can do nothing about that. Should I take a screenshot and put it on the internet as proof? If we do, it would be silly. I don't have any necessity to prove myself.

Career wise, Kaushal has signed his first film officially with director Maruthi whose last Venture was Shailaja Reddy Alludu. Currently, Kaushal is busy with success tour in in Andhra Pradesh.

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