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Bigg Boss 2 contestant Kaushal Manda is one of the hottest TV celebrities in T town right now. His success in the recently concluded edition of Bigg Boss had turned him into an internet sensation. It's been weeks since the show ended, but news about Kaushal refuses to die down. He stays in the news for one reason or the other.

It is often said that Kaushal has won the hearts of audiences with his performance. However, the same cannot said about his fellow contestants. Kaushal has failed to find a place in the hearts of his housemates on Bigg Boss.

We already told you that Bigg Boss contestants are busy hosting parties for which most of the housemates have received invitations. However, Kaushal, despite being the winner doesn't figure in any of their invitee lists. It's not just strange but also surprising that one of the crowd favorites is not popular among contestants.

Latest talk on social media is on why Kaushal Manda still maintains the same attitude towards his BB housemates. The Bigg Boss 2 winner had always maintained that he was on the show to play a game and not make friends or enemies. Yet when you spend a good amount of time with people in a closed environment you are bound to strike a chord with people and connect which happened with everybody else on the show. While some contestants walked away with friends for life a few others lost their impression of people after watching their behaviour up close. Either way, they did reach out, connect and exchanged views. In case of Kaushal, however, even Nani said he was the only contestant with clear sight of his goal and that he had some clarity on what he wanted to do. However, little did we expect for Kaushal to continue the same behaviour even after he walked out with the winner's trophy.

Analysts say it's high time for Kaushal to break the ice and reach out to fellow contestants with whom he spend some time inside the Bigg Boss House. But the million dollar question is will Kaushal reach out? Your guess is as good as mine!

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