Bigg Boss Losers Busy Partying, Winner Kaushal Meeting Fans  

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Telugu Bigg Boss was one of the most talked about shows in recent times. Contestants included names like Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, Tanish, Babu Gogineni, Samrat, Tejaswi, TV9 Deepthi and few others. Looks like Bigg Boss 2 contestants are in a mood to party. Recently, Tejaswi threw a party at her residence which was attended by all the contestants who had a gala time. The buzz was that except Kaushal Manda, everybody else were invited to the party. It is a known fact that Kaushal didn't make any friends on the show. He claimed himself to be a one man army even on the show. While contestants are busy catching up or throwing parties, Kaushal is basking in the success of his win in Bigg Boss.

Kaushal who was declared the winner of Bigg Boss 2 is busy meeting his fans. During one of his interviews, Kaushal stated that he would like to travel to each and every district in the two Telugu states to thank the audiences who helped him clinch the Bigg Boss title. Kaushal began his Bigg Boss success tour from Vizag. Even after the end of show, Kaushal has been receiving the same amount of love from his Kaushal army and fans.O With each passing day, Kaushal is climbing the ladder of success.

Kaushal in a twitter post urged everyone including his fans to be patient and exercise restraint on the social media. Based on his tweet, Kaushal appears to have set some goals to further his career. He wants his fans to be part of his every step. Kaushal has a plan to help poor people with with the help of his Kaushal army. Fans too have been more than willing to do that as they have organised blood donation camps and feeding the poor people even when Kaushal was inside the house.

Back to bigg boss, contestaants who lost the show are busy partying while the winner of the show is reaching out to people and garnering their love. He is also getting close his fans so it helps him draw more crowds when he makes his entry into the big screen.

It's a known fact that Kaushal's next will be with director Maruthi. watch this space for updates.

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