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NOTA has finally managed to hit theatres despite opposition from political parties. The blingual (Telugu and Tamil) features Vijay Deverakonda, Mehreen Pizaada, Sathyaraj and Nasser in key roles. Anand Shankar has directed the film. If you are unsure how the film has shaped up, here's our review of NOTA.

NOTA Movie Review

Chief Minister (Nasser) is sent to jail in a DA case. His son (Vijay Deverakonda) takes charge as the caretaker chief minister till his father comes back. Little does the son know that he soon has to bid goodbye to his carefree ways and deal with serious issues plaguing the system. Does he have the experience to do that? How does he manage the show in his father's absence? Watch the film to find out.

NOTA movie analysis: So, the film starts off on a good note.One can't help but remember Bharat Ane Nenu for its striking similarities (read reluctant young chief minister). But the director has managed to showcase the turmoil and chaos in the present political system in the best possible way. One can't help but relate a few scenes to real life incidents. The maker has beautifully touched upon the political campaigns in our country, particularly, South India. Politicians owning channels, putting up huge hoardings, flexis and their propoganda. What happens in case of a natural disaster, the resort drama, government acting puppet in the hands of godman...these are a few scenes straight out of real political scenarios we witness on a daily basis. Overall, the film is worth a watch. Especially in the wake of elections, the film will draw huge crowds.


Politics-Topical theme

Vijay deverakonda

Hard hitting dialogues




Weak screenplay in parts

Predictable at times

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Verdict: Vijay Deverakonda is a revelation and pulls off the role of a reluctant-turned-tough chief minister with ease. A thunderous round of applause for director Anand Shankar. Put this film on your weekend watch list.

NOTA Twitter Review

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