Why Geetha Madhuri Lost Bigg Boss Title 

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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 contestants as well as good friends on the show Kaushal Manda and Geetha Madhuri,  ended up as Winner and runner up of the show. They both shared a good rapport in the early days of the show. During the grand finale of  the just concluded Bigg Boss second season, Victory Venkatesh announced Kaushal as the winner of Season-2. Audience were both happy and at the same time surprised about Geetha settling for the scond place.

These would be the reason why Geetha Madhuri lost the winner's trophy:

Earlier, Geetha used to play the game with maturity. However, duing the course of the game, she lost her popularity amongst the audiences. The most prominent reason certainly would be the fight between Kaushal and her. In one of the incidents, when Bhanu Sri blamed Kaushal saying he was trying to touch her during one of the tasks. Geetha came forward and stood as a strong pillar of support to Kaushal. Geetha said that she had seen everything and that it was purely unintentional. Later, Geetha not only turned against Kaushal but also became a tough competitor for Kaushal. Geetha changed her stand after realising that people messed with Kaushal got nominated for eviction.

Since then, Geetha Madhuri turned against Kaushal in a lot of ways with the help of other housemates. She insitgated other housemates against her. In most of the tasks, Geetha's performance was not impressive. Yet she was confident about winning the title. She won the secret task and nominated Kaushal for the entire season. This did not go down well with many of the audience. They formed a bad opinion of her. She failed to gather enough votes due to her behaviour in the house and also relationship with Samrat.

Geetha was seen telling Deepthi What the audiences thought about them didn't matter to them and that what mattered was if they were good or not. We shouldn't worry about them (audiences) This angered the audiences to no end. These are perhaps reasons which led her to lose the battle.

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