Three Fan Armies Emerge Victorious In Bigg Boss Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam

<a href="">Kaushal Army</a>, Rithwika Army and Sabu Army emerged victorious - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Kaushal Manda was yesterday announced as the winner of the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu title. It would not be an exaggeration to say not only did the Kaushal Army play a crucial role in his win, but it also in a way controlled the show. All through the season, Kaushal Army ran a campaign in support of Kaushal. Members of the fan army did not spare anyone who trolled Kaushal included host Nani. Not only in Telugu Bigg Boss, the influence of fan armies was huge in the Tamil and Malayalam shows. The fan armies have mainly influenced the audiences through social media.

The grand finale events of all the three Bigg Boss editions in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam were aired yesterday and three armies which dominated the respective editions, Kaushal Army, Rithwika Army and Sabu Army were successful in leading their favourite contestants to title victories. In a remarkable turn of events, the members of Kaushal Army it is leanrt, had asked Rithwika Army and Sabu Army for votes to Kaushal in return for their votes to Rithwika and Sabu.

During last year's Tamil Bigg Boss season, the Oviya Army was formed in a first. The Oviya Army marked the beginning of fan armies during Bigg Boss seasons. However, Oviya army was not successful in getting majority votes in the favour of their constestant.

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