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Bigg Boss Telugu winner Kaushal Manda is making all the right noises in Telly circles. Kaushal was crowned the winner of Season-2. Kaushal was supported by countless fans especially his army (Kaushal army) who carried out a massive social campaign on all possible digital platforms to ensure he is declared the winner. Finally, they achieved their goal to make their idol winner of the show.

Last night, after the grand finale of Bigg Boss, Kaushal fans waited for him outside the house to cheer him and congratulate him on his win. It was chaos outside the Bigg Boss house. His fans lifted him up before he got into the car. Kaushal was seen blowing flying kisses to his fans. It was a momentous night for Kaushal and his family not to mention his fans. People were seen showering rose petals on Kaushal's car for his big achievement.

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Kaushal army also organised a special event for him. He met his fans accompanied by his wife Neelima where they arrived to a rousing reception. There is no doubt that Kaushal's success celebration will continue for one more week. The talk about him too will last a few more days. Take a look at the audience reaction to Kaushal's Bigg Boss title winner.

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@Regran_ed from @rudravirat - Biggboss Title thiskuni directga mamalni kalavadaniki vachadu.. Idi phone record video, full video of cam qualitu will be uploaded soon... The evolution of kaushalarmy My tribute to his biggboss journey... that army cult hails, His Warm hug, those beautiful smiles.. It was like mass hysteria.. My Love justified with this Live performance, A proud soldier Inkem inkem inkem kavale.. Chaale idi chaale #kaushalarmy #rudravirat #kaushalmanda #kaushalarmy #biggbosstelugu2 #kaushal @shannu_7 @mehaboobdilse @rudravirat #rudravirat #biggbossofficial #biggboss2018 #biggbosstelugu #biggboss2telugu #biggboss2 #telugubigboss #bigbosstelugu #biggboss2season #bigboss2telugu #bigbosstelugu2 #nuthannaidu #kaushal #geethamadhuri #ganesh #deepthi #nani #maatv #starmaa #rollrida #telugu #comedy #telugufun #hyddance #dubsmashhyd #kaushal #kaushalmanda @kaushalarmy @kaushalmanda @kaushal___army @kaushal_fanarmy_ @biggboss.updates @biggbosstelugu2 @cvr_kaushal_army @kaushal_fanarmy_ @kaushal_usa_army @kaushal_fans_army_ @kaushalarmyofficial @kaushal_hyd_army @kaushal_armyy @kaushal_army @kaushalarmynetwork @kaushalarmy_official @kaushal_fan_army2 @kaushal_ka_adda @kaushal_women_army @kaushal_girl_army_2.0 @kaushal_girls_army__ @kaushal_fans_association @kaushal_army_bb2 @kaushalmanda_army @kaushal_tho_pettukunte_fasak @kaushal_army_worldwide @kaushalarmy_telangana

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#Kaushalarmy #kaushalManda #hyd_kaa_heros_nd_heroins

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