Kaushal Bigg Boss Unanimous Winner With 79% Voting?

Kaushal Bigg Boss  Winner? - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner: We are at the fag end of the second season of the Bigg Boss Telugu, which turned out to be a final fight between Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi Nallamothu, Samrat, Tanish and Kaushal. But, it seems like the Bigg Boss title would be awarded to the fan favourite, Kaushal, according to the popular vote statistics doing rounds in social media. Kaushal has an unmatched support outside the House, in the form of Kaushal Army, although all the inmates have an unfavourable attitude towards him. This is a strange paradox, hugely popular outside and hardly so inside! That is Kaushal and his standing for you.

Kaushal received as many as 39,98,50,000 votes, comprising a whopping 78.9% vote share, while Geetha Madhuri stood distant third with just 11% voting, as per the posts doing rounds in social media. Whether these figures are anywhere near the final count, is anybody’s guess.

Voters had an opportunity to cast their votes in favour of their candidates, with a 50 point voting bag all through the week. Kaushal fans are excited over the numbers he received and the news about Kaushal receiving the Bigg Boss title from chief guest Victory Venkatesh adds to their excitement.

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Recently, Kaushal Army organised a massive 2k walk in Hyderabad. Now, speculation over one more 2k walk is abuzz in social media. It has to be seen whether a a grand reception awaits Kaushal in Hyderabad or the Kaushal Army members would move on after the show ends tomorrow with the grand finale. Will he, as is being predicted, or won’t he?

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