This Bigg Boss Finalist Predicts Geetha Madhuri As Title Winner

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Geetha Madhuri Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Winner: With just hours to go for the final episode of the second season of Bigg Boss Telugu, the fan armies are desperate for getting a majority for their idols. Five highly popular contestants Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri, Samrat, Deepthi Nallamothu and Tanish will test their fortunes on Sunday, when the title winner wil be announced. Meanwhile, the Telugu film industry is divided over the choice of Bigg Boss title winner. Last season's competitive contestant Archana predicted Geetha Madhuri's win over Kaushal and Deepthi.

According to sources, Archana is keeping up with the updates of the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. “If I miss any episodes during the week, I binge watch all of them in the weekends”, she said in a chat with a Telugu news site. She added that she was well aware of all the finalists in the current Bigg Boss season. "This season is a lot different that the first season. 100 days of Bigg Boss is a lot of entertainment to the audience. Nani's anchoring is an another difference this season," she said.

Archana said that women audience were voting in favour of Geetha Madhuri. I want to support Geetha as a fellow woman, she said. From the first episode of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Geetha gave a genuine performance and she had always been expressive, she added.

The Bigg Boss season one finalist chose Geetha Madhuri, Tanish and Samrat as her top-3 contestants among the five finalists. Adding that Tanish, who lost his father recently, was brilliant all through the season, Archana said Tanish was the youngest among the final five. Samrat is a sensible person with great presence of mind, she added.

Speaking about the trolls against the contestants in social media, she asked the fans to be sensitive to the feelings of women contestants.

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