Geetha Madhuri’s Questions To Tarot Reader In Bigg Boss House

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Geetha Madhuri's Questions To Tarot Reader Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: The organisers of the Bigg Boss Telugu show had a big surprise in store for the contestants in the form of a tarot reader yesterday. The contestants had an opportunity to reflect on their performance when they had interacted with the reader. When Bigg Boss asked one of the contestants to take the first chance to meet the tarot reader, Kaushal jumped to grab the opportunity saying he would go first because he was a positive-minded person.

Earlier in the show, Bigg Boss gifted Kaushal, Tanish, Samrat, Deepthi and Geetha Madhuri t-shirts and asked them write messages on each others' T-shirts as a sign of bidding farewell to the House. Kaushal gave a 'Bubble Baby' message to Deepthi, to which the contestants gave a dramatic reaction, while Tanish showered praise for Samrat. As the Bigg Boss Telugu 2 warms for the grand finale this Sunday, there is a sense of peace and humour in the House.

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