Devadas, A Timeless Good Luck Charm  

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Swapna Ashok

The title Devadas brings to us memories of the legendary Akkineni Nageswara Rao and his story of deep pain and lost love. But as Tollywood has been dabbling with biopics of yesteryear stalwarts, the title Devadas is perhaps deemed to become a good luck charm. Therefore the Nag-Nani starrer is titled Devadas.

In fact even the trailer doing the rounds begins with the song Antha bhranthiyena--to deliberately clarify to the audience that this is not connected to ANR's magnum opus, but is the story of Deva and Das. Produced by Ashwini Dutt and Directed by Sriram Aditya, Devadas from its posters looks vibrant and lively unlike the melancholic touch added to the classic with the hero draped in a shawl and holding a bottle in hand!

All set for release on Sep 27th the film seems to be a feel-good light comedy that will delight the audience. Nagarjuna, after a variety of roles of different genres has managed to hit a stride of natural ease in multi-star, story-driven films like Oopiri and Manam. The sensibilities of this film are somewhat like Hirani films, says Nagarjuna.

He has been on a roll lately, and has straddled the inter-generational chasm with elan. With compliments on fitness and energy levels flowing his way, he continues to stay ahead of times while his two sons Naga Chaitanya and Akhil are busy finding their own space. " I am very disciplined with work but am otherwise totally spontaneous. That is my secret. Otherwise it gets too boring " shares Nagarjuna.

So what is Devadas all about? One may remember the dialogue- "Don ko pakadna mushkil hee nahin..naamumkin hai " from the film Don. But Dev in Devadas is a don who is actually caught in friendship by Das- played by Nani. How their friendship finds purpose is the story of Devadas. Nag is all praise for Nani and his Telugu diction among other things. " I have a lot to learn from him ", Nag smiles while talking of him.

Director Sriram Aditya maintained his forte by extracting the best from this senior actor and the new-gen Nani who is already a natural with timing and performance. "I wish Sriram would edit the scenes sooner and show me, so that I would improve my performance. But as far as his dedication is concerned--he was great and has all the qualities of a great technician," clarifies Nagarjuna when asked about his recent critical comments on Sriram Aditya.

However, one cannot refrain from the obvious question. Does Nag feel okay with this title, considering that his father has already created a recall with the Devadas of yesterday? " It was a deliberate decision. This is a fresh Devadas and has nothing to do with that. But yes, I fondly watch song clips of dad's movies. I am sure he is watching us from above " he says.

With much happening here, Karan Johar's Brahmastra in the near future and Dhanush all set for the Tamil extravaganza, Nagarjuna is totally on a high. But for now- he is ready to join family on a big break of ten days. Sakshi Post wishes him the best.

(In an interview to Swapna Ashok, Executive Editor, Sakshi TV )

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