Deepthi’s Growing Following Worries Kaushal Army On Eviction  

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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 is a big ticket draw with the audiences with new and interesting twists in the show. It is being hosted by Natural star Nani and has been receiving a positive response from all quarters. The show is loved by the audiences mainly on account of to Kaushal and other contestants like- Geetha and Tanish who have been wooing the audiences through their drama, nasty fights and cuss words.

One-man army Kaushal used to be the top contestant for the whole Bigg Boss season-2. All of a sudden, TV9 Deepthi fan following has increased rapidly through her performance in each and every task swinging the audience preference her way. Currently, we hear TV9 Deepthi and Kaushal would be winner and runner up of Bigg Boss 2. In last week’s nomination, Geetha, Kaushal,Tanish, Samrat, Roll Rida and TV9 Deepthi were nominated to face the eviction. Latest we hear is that, Deepthi is bagging a majority of votes from audiences. On top of that, Deepthi is a front-runner in last week’s voting. Deepthi has beaten Kaushal who used to be in numero uno position and he had received approximately 12 cr votes for his last two weeks nominations.

Coming to fan base, Kaushal has a huge fan following across the world. His fans are promoting him in a grand way by designing special T-shirts, Blood donations and 2k walk event in other parts of India under his name Kaushal army. He is the first contestant who has been receiving immense love and appreciation from audiences. However, Kaushal failed to beat Deepthi's votes this week. Kaushal fans would be disappointed, it appears with unconfirmed voting reports. Let us wait for Nani’s announcement which will take the lid off the suspense that is building up on how much each of them have bagged this week.

Coming back to Bigg Boss show, it seems very likely that Nani is all set to show the exit door to Roll Rida. There is a buzz on social media that Bigg Boss 2 is likely to have mid-week double elimination. So far, there is no official word from organisers.

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