Geetha Madhuri, Deepthi Attack On Kaushal Family Upsets Fans

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Telugu Bigg Boss which is being hosted by Nani is a widely discussed topic in Telly circles. The show has its rules and the organisers clearly spell out guidelines that state no contestant shall shouldn't ever drag any family members into any controversy. Latest we hear is that Deepthi and Geetha Madhuri have targeted Kaushal's wife Neelima and his daughter Lalli in recent episode to grab eyeballs. Tanish also threatened Kaushal saying "I will you see your end during the task."

TV actor Kaushal has become an internet sensation and his army is making all the noise about some scene or the other in the house. Kaushal is receiving immense appreciation and love from Bigg Boss viewers. Bigg Boss is a show within the four walls and contestants should never cross those boundaries. In the recent episode, it was clearly be seen, there is a lot of personal references on the show.

Now, it is Nani's turn to shoot the question to Deepthi, Geetha and Tanish? Why they are violating rules in the house? Who do you think Nani will support Kaushal, Geetha, or Tanish? Let's wait and watch.

Meanwhile, Take a look at the insta post which shows Kaushal army's eagerness for Nani to response.

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All about #cunning #nanganaachi #geethamadhuri ... @that_actor_nandu inthey mari nee wife maaku ardhamaindhi.. behaviour baaguntey andhariki nachutundi 24 hours chillara behaviour adhi nachakey bb kooda telecast chesadu ga kallu kallu pluss editing lo chaala tesesadu anta bayya janallo bad avtundani rakhi pampadam mee families teeskuna manchi decision. 1 week saavakotindhi rakhi katti nanduku roju episode lo adhey cheppi final ga kaushal and audience ni blame cheyatam veela valla bad ayyanu ani .. evadu pooyamannadu zandu balm samrat ki mari .. eevida behaviour baaguntey audience endhuku tappu padatharu .. evadiki nachuddhi cheppu .. girls will never take this item behaviour as inspiration ,quadruple standard liar geetha madhuri.. kaushal vishayamlo stand teeskundi tejaswi antey kullu ishtam leka .. ipudu oka manishi annam thinakunda baadhapadthuntey venaka cheri chillara sygalu idhi maanavatvama stand teeskovatama .. sammy nachithey intiki teeskellli pettukondi maakendhuku mee daridram .. bathroom deggara antha support chesthundi game aadataniki vellindha .. samrat ni gelipinchadaniki vellindhi mee peetha ??

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Coming back to tonight's episode, which won't be routine masala. Today is Saturday, Nani will be back on the show to enthrall the audiences as well as to judge the show. On top of that, he will show the exit door to one of the contestants who were nominated this week for eviction. As of now, Roll Rida is the last position with fewer votes.

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