Samrat Overtakes Kaushal, Geetha To Reach Finals

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Bigg Boss Telugu is inching towards the grand finale which has created much hype amongst the audiences not to mention the interest it has evoked.

Over the last few weeks, the reality show was said to be between Kaushal and other bigg boss cousemates like Geetha, Tanish, Samrat, Roll Rida and Deepthi. It seems the fight between Kaushal and other housemates ended in yesterday's episode if a recent buzz doing the rounds in Telly circles is anything to go by.

Bigg Boss assigned Egg task to Samrat and Roll Rida. Housemates were required to break the eggs of Samrat and Roll Rida. Geetha and Tanish were seen supporting Samrat. While Kaushal alone supported Roll Rida to win the game. Kaushal tried his best to save Roll Rida and his eggs. But, Geetha and Tanish managed to stop Kaushal from achieving that. With that, Samrat emerged as the winner of the game. And guess what? He is the first person to reach Bigg Boss 2 grand finals.

Few section of audiences were congratulating him on social media. Take a look at the tweets:

With each passing day, Bigg Boss 2 is taking a new turn with new contestant showing promises to win the show. TV viewers were rooting for either Kaushal or Geetha to clinch the winner's title of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 given their popularity. As the show is nearing its end, every contestant is out to prove his mettle and draw people's love and attention on the show. It's a known fact that Kaushal who had enjoyed a lot of adulation from the audience has drawn fact after he used cuss words not just once but on two occasions In the house. While one section of the audience say his elimination is inevitable for Nani, his army of fans say that Kaushal is being deliberately provoked so he can be evicted. We don't know what the truth is and leave it to your judgement.

Now, by winning this task, it looks like Samrat has beaten Kaushal, Geetha and Tanish to reach the final of Bigg Boss 2 which is no mean feat. If this continues, there's no doubt he will win the game. But like we all know the final outcome depends on public votes. So it remains to be seen if Samrat will manage to win the audience love and garner maximum votes.Stay tuned to Sakshipost for updates.

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