Row Over Ee Maya Peremito Movie Song, Jains Move Censor Board

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Claiming that the Arihanthanam song in Telugu movie Ee Maya Peremito had lyrics that were hurting the religious sentiments of the Jain community, Chennai resident Mohit Jain and Karnataka resident Prathik Jain have complained to the censor board. According to them, Namokar mantra, the first prayer recited by the Jains while meditating, is the most significant mantra in Jainism. Four out of the 5 lines from Namokar mantra has been used in the song's lyrics.

In Arihanthanam song, the pronunciation is totally wrong and is offensive to the Jain community's sentiments, they said. The duo has raised the issue with Mango Music, who published the song on YouTube recently. Later, the YouTube channel removed the song.

Further, the two had contacted Ee Maya Peremito producer Mrs. Divya Vijay and asked her to remove the song from the movie. The producer had apologized for hurting the sentiments of the community. "In the film, the female lead plays the role of a Jain girl. However, we will take action and cut those lines," she said.

The Jain community threatended to file an FIR under section 295A of IPC, if their demand was not met.

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