Will Kaushal Lose PK Fans Support Over Objectionable Remarks?

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In a fresh spat between Kaushal Army and fans of power star Pawan Kalyan, a social media war is in the making after Bigg Boss title favorite Kaushal Manda made a remark on the rest of the contestants. Earlier this week, Kaushal shouted at the House mates, referring to them as 'dogs'. While Kaushal was involved in a heated argument with the contestants, he asked them not to act like dogs. Irked over the comment, Pawan Kalyan fans were furious with Kaushal and criticized him on social media.

Right from the initial episodes of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, Pawan Kalyan fans have been supporting Kaushal, who had already announced that he is a huge Pawan Kalyan fan. As a matter of fact, many of the Pawan Kalyan fans are already members of the Kaushal Army and have been pro-active in supporting Kaushal, both in voting and promotion on social media. However, the fans have been occasionally critical over certain disputes pertaining to Kaushal. Added to this, controversial actress Sri Reddy, on her Facebook page, wrote that two of the current Bigg Boss contestants were ill-mannered, indirectly pointing fingers at Tanish and Kaushal.

Popular film critic Kathi Mahesh has also lent his voice in support of Kaushal, saying that Pawan Kalyan fans were targeting Kaushal in Bigg Boss 2 Telugu. In a tweet, Mahesh said that the fans did not know that Kaushal had an army of fans called Kaushal Army. PK fans are targeting Kaushal but they don't know that kaushal has an army called #KaushalArmy .. pK fans are not just illiterate but they are worst.. #BiggBossTelugu2," his tweet read.

Yesterday, Samrat has been declared as the first contestant to advance into the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu final stage, after he had won in the special task against Roll Rida. Bigg Boss provided one of Samrat and Roll Rida with a chance to directly advance into the Final stage.

With Bigg Boss Telugu second season's Final week around the corner, it is learnt that the organisers would repeat the manner in which the Bigg Boss title winner is announced. Last season, each of the five contestants were asked to wait in five different rooms -- activity room, wash room, bedroom, hall and the kitchen. Bigg Boss Telugu season one anchor Jr NTR would invite on stage each contestant who would get eliminated until only two contestants remain in the Bigg Boss House. This time around, it is expected that Nani would announce Kaushal as the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu winner while another contestant Geetha Madhuri would also be on his side.

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