Why Bigg Boss May Not Be Keen On Making Geetha The Winner

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Nani's Bigg Boss 2 has proved to be the most popular prime time show around dinner. The reality show has enough spice to keep the interest of the audience alive. Geetha Madhuri has been enjoying a successful run on the show. The opinion on her is divided with a small section of the audience against her. The current buzz goes that either Kaushal or Deepthi could lift the Bigg Boss 2 trophy and not Geetha, Tanish or anyone.

Here are a few reasons why:

According to reports, Geetha Madhuri is getting paid Rs 20K a day for playing the game. She is the highest paid among all the contestants in the house. It is learnt that as the organisers have paid her a hefty price as remuneration, they may not be keen on giving her the rest of the money too. They might want to give a chance to other contestants to win the cash prize. As of now, Kaushal and Deepthi are battling for the title of the show.

A few days back, Geetha was considered a strong contender as also Kaushal who, seems to be having the run of his life. Geetha lost a bit of her sheen by resorting to stabbing other contestants in the back on the show, using cuss words and making some sensational comments against other housemates.

Geetha is a singer by profession and other contestants are aspiring to become actors. If other contestants emerge as winner, they would certainly stand a chance of getting a break in films. So these we think are the reasons why Bigg Boss May Not Be keen on making Geetha the winner.

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