Bigg Boss Set To Eliminate Deepthi This Week?

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Deepthi Elimination From Bigg Boss 2 Telugu: After the recent eliminations of Syamala and Amit, the axe is now on Deepthi Nallamothu this week, it is widely believed among the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu audience. As the show reaches the penultimate week, the social media frenzy over the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu title winner is hitting a crescendo. It was Roll Rida who was lurking in the danger of elimination from the House yesterday, before anchor Nani confirmed the eviction of Amit. The stats of Bigg Boss audience vote for elimination suggested Roll Rida would survive by a close margin.

However, if a buzz doing the rounds on social media is any indication, then Deepthi could be eliminated from the Bigg Boss House by the looks of it considering her performance in the last three weeks in mind. Amid growing support for one of the strongest contenders, Kaushal Manda, the audiences are keen on ousting Deepthi from the House. If the speculation around Deepthi's elimination turns out to be true, the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu audience are in for a close finish of the 'Big 5' in the House -- Kaushal, Tanish, Geetha Madhuri, Roll Rida and Samrat.

Much to the worry of the Kaushal Army, Bigg Boss is said to be upset with Kaushal's behavior of late, especially when it comes to abiding by the House rules.

When asked about her favourite three contestants to win the Bigg Boss 2 title, evicted contestant Syamala chose Roll Rida, Geetha Madhuri and Samrat. Understandably so, considering her affiliation with the three.

But, it looks like Kaushal is enjoying the positive vibe around his chances of winning the Bigg Boss 2 Telugu title, outside the House. Actors Madhavi Latha, Sanjana and anchor Rashmi have already predicted that Kaushal would win the Bigg Boss title.

The Kaushal Army 2K run has bolstered the unity among Kaushal's fans, it has to be said. Although Kaushal seems like the obvious choice for the title winner, the most important part of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu is yet to come.

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