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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Elimination: The time for elimination from the Bigg Boss House is here yet again. As the Bigg Boss Telugu second edition nears its final episode in two weeks, seven contestants are fighting for the Bigg Boss 2 winner title.

In a week's time, one more contestant is set to leave the House, leaving behind just five contestants fighting in the ultimate battle for the title, the Final round. Meanwhile, the Bigg Boss audience can't wait to know who will be eliminated this time. Although the audience could easily predict the contestants who were going to get eliminated till now, it has not been the same in the last two weeks. To add to it, anchor Nani vented his fury at Kaushal and even narrated the red fish story last week.

Many believe Amit was lucky to survive in the House due to Bogg Boss's strange decisions, but, it is learnt that it is finally time for him to leave the House. Along with Amit, Kaushal, Deepthi, Roll Rida and Geetha Madhuri were in the danger of getting eliminated this week. However, Roll Rida stands close to elimination behind Amit, with just a few votes more than those of Amit.

Right from the beginning of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, Amit has played a relatively safe game. He had maintained good relations with the other contestants. In addition to this, legendary actor Kamal Haasan provided Amit with a safe zone from getting eliminated for two weeks. With this, Amit received a lower vote count in the last two weeks. Although everyone believed Amit would leave the House, Bigg Boss, in an unexpected turn of events, shocked the audience by saving him from elimination. Finally, Bigg Boss has given a green signal for Amit's elimination, it is learnt. In the weekend episode that concluded last night, Amit was indeed asked to pack his bags by the Bigg Boss. Amit has been eliminated from the house. So, our predictions were right after all!

Reason Behind Amit Elimination From Bigg Boss

Amit Tiwari, an actor who is known for his performances in negative roles, could not appeal to the masses in the Bigg Boss show. His villain roles might have could have acted against his chances of reaching the finals. Looks like his reel life roles have strongly impacted the audience. However, Amit's behaviour was more like that of child inside the House than that of a villain. Often the contestants confessed to having equally enjoyed and getting kicked by his funny gestures. Also, as actor Nani told Amit before the former left the house, no fan will fear him after watching how nice he is as a person in the Bigg Boss House.
Amit was criticized for not taking a clear stand in serious issues or expressing his opinion. In addition, his inability to speak fluently in Telugu also made him unpopular with the audience. Amit's failure in performing during the tasks also added to it.

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