Geetha Madhuri Behaviour Angers Bigg Boss Fans

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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 is a roll coaster ride for the audiences. The show is filled with lot of drama including fun, emotional outbursts. Just a few days left for the show to be wrapped up. It is turning out to be a controversial show each passing day and viewers are getting to see different shades of contestants in the house.

Among them, top two contestants are Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal. These two contestants enjoy a massive fan following across the globe. Since past few days, rumours were doing the rounds that Samrat is flirting with Geetha Madhuri. A few days ago, bigg boss asked Roll Rida to kiss Geetha Madhuri as part of the task. Samrat had kissed her without anybody's instruction. Recently, Geetha Madhuri's husband Nandu was on the show as part of Vinayaka Chaturthi family moments in the house. Nandu warned Geetha on her closeness to Samrat.

In a recent episode, Geetha accused Kaushal of degrading her image among the audiences by using Samrat. After Nandu warned too, Geetha went to Samrat saying, you are not well, let me clean your bed. Please take some rest and sit on this couch. It is your favourite sofa,right? I'm observing you in the past few days, you are not using this sofa and you have totally forgotten it.

Earlier, you used to sit with Tejaswi, she said reminding him of those moments. Samrat was hurt by Geetha words. To cool him down, she called out to Samrat which was heard by Amit as Love. Amit teased her for the same. It was then that Geetha fumed at him as if to say was this necessary given the fact that my image has already been tarnished. She again went to Samrat to console him. This made viewers fume at Geetha's overacting on the show. Few section of the audience have trolled her on social media platforms for her latest drama.

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