Bigg Boss 2 in nearing its end with approximately just 15 days remaining for the grand finale. This season has been different from the previous ones in the form of contestants and fan following.

So far, season-2 has set a few records. The most important one was to invited commoners to be part of the show. And of course the other record was by one of the popular contestants on the show, Kaushal Manda. He scored record number of votes not to mention the huge fan following which has become a subject of discussion in telly circles. be it organising a 2k walk to garner support or ensuring maximum votes for Kaushal to prevent his eviction, the Kaushal Army is sure a force to reckon with. They are always making news.

Looking at his popularity, even a few celebrities have come forward to express their support to Kaushal. With the kind of popularity he enjoys, social media is abuzz with talks that Kaushal could emerge winner of the show. On the other hand, there is also news that Bigg Boss organisers are under pressure to declare him the winner.

Speculation is rife that Kaushal, Geetha and Tanish would be the top three contestants to reach the finals. Rumors are flying thick and fast that organisers are planning an important task to eliminate Kaushal. No, this isn't our assumption, neither are we favouring anybody here.

This is based on a video by one of the Bigg Boss analysts. According to him, Bigg Boss 2 organisers are likely to give an interesting task to Kaushal in a game title ruler. In the game, Kaushal is expected to be made the king of the house. The king will be vested with powers to rule over the other housemates and issue orders for them to follow and reprimand those who don't bow down to his instructions. It is a known fact that a King has to be strict with his subjects and so this task, it is learned, is basically to make him a kadoos in the eyes of the audience as we know that Kaushal's only focus is the winner's title and he will go to any extent to earn the same. According to a video on instagram which has gone viral, the same task was assigned to Gautam Gulati in Bigg Boss Hindi after which his votes fell drastically. This is the inside talk.

Take a look at the video we are talking about.

After Syamala was evicted from the house, she revealed that Geetha, Tanish and Deepti will be among the top three finalists. Audiences felt at that time that her speech was scripted by the show organisers. Now, the buzz is if the Bigg Boss 2 is indeed planning the ruler game. Bigg Boss is such a game that anything can happen anytime and nothing can be predicted. Let's wait to see what happens. We have our ears and eyes open to keep you updated on trends on Bigg Boss 2. So stay tuned.

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