Bigg Boss Fans Slam Tanish’s Brother On Social Media  

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The name Bigg Boss 2 reminds us of two people--one is host of the show, Nani and other one would be obviously Kaushal. The show, a hit among the audiences which is about to wrap up. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is loaded with lots of fights, flirting and other controversies. Show organisers surprised the contestants by welcoming their families to the house. Audiences were singing praises of the organisers of Bigg Boss 2 calling it as the best ever episode of season-2.

On the other hand, Tanish's brother came to console his brother on the show. It seems he came to show his anger on Kaushal. Hold on, we are not telling it, this is being speculated by kaushal army on various social media platforms. In a recent episode, when Tanish's brother came to the house, he went to his brother to have talk with him. But, his brother who holds grudges against Kaushal told Tanish to wait for a while saying he wanted to speak to Kaushal to settle one of the important matters regarding the show. Tanish brother, Kaushal garu, Can I ask you something?Kaushal said yes with open smile.

On the day, when Deepthi lost captaincy you created an issue with other housemates at the dinning table. She lost her captaincy for various reasons. Why did you go inside your room and asked the cameras to give you captaincy? he asked. Kaushal gave a soft reply to him saying she lost her captaincy on her own What is wrong in asking? I was competing with her at the time. I thought of setting things right in the house by taking initiative which was messed up.

This has not gone down well with Kaushal army and other audiences. Few section of the audiences were telling Tanish brother's behaviour could have been scripted by Nani. It is being speculated that Nani is showing biased opinion towards Tanish on the show. Fans were asking if  Salman or NTR was the host, then  they would have asked Tanish's brother to exit the house in this situation. Why was Nani silent on this heated argument, they demanded to know. Let's wait and watch for saturday's epsiode to see what Nani has in store for us.

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Meanwhile take a look at the twitterati reaction to Tanish brother's behaviour

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