Bigg Boss Video: Kaushal Breaks Down On Seeing Kids In Bigg Boss House

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There are several reasons why Telugu Bigg Boss 2 has become one of the most popular shows on the small screen. Each and every TV addict is talking about Bigg Boss 2 which has turned out to be very different from season-1. It is a known fact that the first season of the show was hosted by NTR. The format of the show has changed in terms of contestants, drama and chemistry between housemates. Particularly, one contestant has been gathering huge attention from the audiences through his performance on the show. He is one of the arch rival of Geetha Madhuri who's consdiered top contender to win the ongoing season of Telugu Bigg Boss. By now you know who I am referring to. Yes, your guess is good as mine, he is none other than Kaushal who calls himself, one man army.

Most of the people who closely follow Bigg Boss 2 have been gushing about Kaushal on social media. The Kaushal 2K walk in Madhapur organised by his fans has garened good response.

Dear Kaushal army, here is an interesting bit of news for you that is sure to melt your hearts. Organisers have released a promo video which has gone viral on social media networks. There’s no doubt that every housemate inside the Bigg Boss house is missing their family. Imagine having to spend so many days locked up inside a house with no contact with the outside world! In case of Kaushal, he had turned emotional when he had got a call from his wife Neelima. He is missing his family. According to a new promo of an episode doing the rounds on social media, Kaushal kids paid a surprise visit to their father which reportedly left him speechless. Kaushal is seen hugging his kids and crying after his kids leave. This promo has made his fans cry too. Take a look at the video posted in one of the Kaushal army fan photo sharing app along with comments. We bet, after watching this video wil make you cry too. Can't wait to watch this episode? Stay tuned for updates.

Now, the big question that’s doing the rounds in Telly circles is why did organisers plan a sudden surprise to Kaushal? Is it to garner TRP ratings or is there another reason for it? The grand finale of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is all set to be aired on September 23. Kaushal has been nominated in this week’s eviction list along with Geetha Madhuri and other contestants Amit, Deepti and Roll Rida. It remains to be seen who will be shown the door this weekend. Watch this space for more updates.

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