Why Kaushal Won’t Be Evicted From Bigg Boss House This Week

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Kaushal Manda, one of the contestants in the ongoing season of Telugu Bigg Boss is being repeatedly nominated for eviction week after week. There were reports that Kaushal and host Nani were at loggerheads. Host Nani was even trolled by Kaushal's army of fans on social media for targetting their favorite contestant. And even housmates faced the wrath of Kaushal Army over his repeated nomination for elimination. However, now it looks like it's not exactly how it appears. There's more to what meets the eye.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw Nani singing praises of Kaushal saying the latter was clear about his goals and was the most consistent player in the house. This king of brougth down the animosity between nani and kaushal fans. The latest we hear is the Bigg Boss show organisers invited Kaushal's kids on the show. A promo of the episode to be aired tonight shows Kaushal sharing an emotional moment with his kids inside the house.

Now, there were reports sometime back that the reason Kaushal was being nominated was for him to leave the house. The show organisers were also accused of targetting Kaushal and ensuring is eviction from the house. But with this recent development, it looks like the script of the Bigg Boss drama has changed. If the show organisers or Nani did want to eliminate Kaushal or send him home this weekend, why would they call his kids into the house? This also reminds us of what evicted contestant babu Gogineni said in one of the interviews—that Kaushal's only fan is Nani who is actually very fond of him.

Now, it looks like Kaushal is going to stay on the house longer than we thought or at least this week for sure. The hint is clear—that Kaushal is not leaving the house anytime soon. He is in the safe zone.

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