Kaushal Fans Will Vote For Amit To Get Geetha Madhuri Evicted

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Bigg Boss 2 is likely to take an interesting turn this week. It is no doubt going to be the most happening episode of this season for the contestants as well as the audience. Natural star Nani is the host of the show. with a another new contestant (Geetha Madhuri) being nominated for eviction this week, things are expected to take a new turn.

The lines for public voting and telephonic calls to push the Bigg Boss contestants into a safe zone are already open. Viewers have started voting for their favorite person. Those who don't know, Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal are in the eviction list this week. While Kaushal has been nominated for third week in a row, this is the first time Geetha's name has figured in the elimination list.

It is a known fact that Geetha and Kaushal are strong contenders to win the show. Now, with both of them nominated, it would be interesting to see who will be in the safe zone this week. Will it be Kaushal or Geetha? Who will bag majority of votes from the audience this week? This weekend episode could give goosebumps to the audiences. Can't wait to watch? Well, Bigg Boss 2 contestants Geetha Madhuri, Kaushal, Amit, Roll Rida and Deepthi are in this week's nomination list.

So far, Geetha Madhuri had managed to impress the audiences in the initial days of her stint in the house. According to sources, Geetha Madhuri is the next famous person in Bigg Boss 2 after Kaushal Manda. Looks like things are going to change in the coming days if she faces elimination this weekend. Contestants who were nominated for this week were highly popular among the masses. In last two weeks, Deepti, Roll Rida and Amit were nominated but they escaped eviction, thanks to the support of audiences and organisers. It is being speculated that Geetha Madhuri and Amit Tiwari are in next in line to face eviction on upcoming Sunday. It remains to be seen, if Nani will have the heart to ask Geetha Madhuri to pack her bags. Remember, we told you she's the highest paid celebrity on the show?

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Now Kaushal army is hell bent on sending Geetha Madhuri out of the house. Social media has been buzzing with talks that they will vote for Amit so as to evict Geetha from the house.

Aren't you excited to watch the weekend episode? Speculation doing the rounds suggest that Naga Chaitanya and Samantha could make an guest appearance on Bigg Boss 2 either on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi or Sunday to promote their upcoming films Shailaja Reddy Alludu and U-Turn respectively. Watch this space for more.

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