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Singer Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal are the most entertaining and controversial contestants in Telugu Bigg Boss 2 which is being hosted by Nani. We need not tell you they are the top contenders to win the game. Geetha and Kaushal fights have now become one of the major highlights of the show. Have you heard the latest rumours in telly circles yet? Earlier there were strong rumours that Kaushal would emerge winner of the show. However, the latest grapevine is that Geetha Madhuri could probably emerge winner

One of the Instagram videos which has gone viral on social media platforms shows a Bigg Boss viewer predicting that Geetha Madhuri will walk away with the winner's trophy. The video states that Geetha Madhuri enjoys a massive fan following in Telugu states, thanks to her songs. Though, Kaushal has an army of fans too, he likely to face elimination this week as this is the third time he has been nominated for eviction. Mere votes won't guarantee your retention in the house as was the case with a recent Bigg Boss contestant. If you recall the recent episode, Nutan Naidu got a decent number of votes but faced eviction from the house. It could happen this week as well with Kaushal even if he gets crores of votes, the viewers. Take a look at the video.

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One can't deny that Kaushal has won million of hearts during his stint in the house. To be fair, Kaushal does have a huge fan base which he gained after entering the show. It does seem hard to eliminate Kaushal from the show, the show organisers as well as the host could face a lot of backlash on social media like it happened on earlier occasions when Kaushal was targetted on the show.

Also we already told you that there is likely to be triple elimination beginning this week as the show nears a wrap in a couple of weeks. Amit, Deepthi and Syamala are likely to face elimination this week, as per the buzz in Telly circles.

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