Nani’s Plans For Bigg Boss Elimination Episode

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Telugu Bigg Boss 2 is one of the most controversial shows which has grabbed the headlines for various reasons. This week episode was full of fights and tasks among the contestants. It's yet another weekend, and Nani wil be back in tonight's episode with some drama to entertain the audiences.

The Bigg Bsss 2 host will announce the name of the contestant who will face elimination this week. It is being speculated that Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is likely to start double elimination from this weekend onwards.

With hardly twenty days left to wrap up the season-2, it would be tough for the show organizers if they go with single elimination. There is a buzz on social media that Nani could ask Ganesh to pack his bags this week. If there's double elimination then he's expected to announce the names of Ganesh and Amit Tiwari names for elimination this weekend, it is learned.

One of the regular followers of Bigg Boss posted a tweet on this weekend's episode.

Recently, Shyamala, along with Nutan Naidu, made a re-entry into the house. Sources inform us that because of Kaushal army's support Syamala could make a re-entry to the house second time. Now, with the competition getting cut throat and rumours declaring Kaushal as winner, Shyamala too has turned against Kaushal in the show.

In today's episode, Nani might ask Shyamala to explain issues about Nutan Naidu.

Nani is also likely to praise Geetha Madhuri for performing well in the secret task. Few sections of the audiences are calling for her elimination from the show. The general talk is that even her own fans who loved her as a singer have lost respect for Geetha Madhuri after watching her performance on the show.

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Going by the twitter talk, Nani might question Nutan Naidu why he had cried during the time of nomination.This whole episode talk is not our ideas but based on a tweet made by a fan on social media. Take a look at it to get a clear picture of tonight's episode.

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