Will Geetha Madhuri Win Audience Hearts And Emerge Bigg Boss 2 Winner?

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Singer Geetha Madhuri is one of the strongest contenders in Telugu Bigg Boss 2. Geetha has been fighting with Kaushal in each and every task. There is also talk that Geetha is all set to nominate Kaushal's name for elimination in all the coming weeks. Last week, Pooja Ramachandra dropped a bomb on Geetha saying she was playing against bigg boss rules.

Audiences are asking Nani and the show organisers to eliminate Geetha from the show. It's worth mentioning here that she had a huge fan following even before stepping into the show.

However with her recent fights on the show and also her displeasure towards Kaushal, her popularity has nosedived.

During Rakhi celebrations on the Bigg Boss show, Nani stated that Kaushal Manda is a crowd puller. And that everybody inside the house were aware about Kaushal and his army. On the other hand, Geetha has been heavily trolled by Kaushal army on social media who are calling her worst player of the season.

Kaushal and Geetha are the two strong contestants in Bigg Boss house eyeing the winner's title. As of now, Geetha has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. However, it's a known fact that in a reality show anything can happen anytime. Geetha might win the audience heart like Kaushal by end of the season.

If she plays a fair game. It is hard to tell who will become the winner of Nani's Telugu Bigg Boss 2. Geetha Madhuri hashtag is trending on social media platforms after what happened on the show.

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