Babu Gogineni was one of the contestants in the ongoing session of Telugu Bigg Boss 2 being hosted by Nani. He got evicted from the show a few days back. Ever since he stepped out of the show, he has been making sensational comments about Bigg Boss. Of course, one he is always talking about Kaushal army, which has now become a widely discussed topic in social media circles.

In a recent interview, Babu Gogineni made sensational comments against Kaushal and his army of fans. We all know that Kaushal Army, a fan group dedicated to the Bigg Boss contestant, has been in the news for one reason or the other. They have come up with innovative ways to woo the audience to vote for Kaushal. Be it a song dedicated to him or an anthem, Kaushal Army is on top of their game when it comes to garnering support for their idol.

According to a report published on a Telugu news portal, Babu Gogineni says Kaushal army wasn't formed because of his popularity. He reportedly said that he wanted to see Kaushal get evicted from the show and that he must come out and see what Kaushal army is. I am sure Kaushal is behind the formation of this fan army, he reportedly said., adding, What is Kaushal army? Just stop this nonsense. If you are really interested in joining the army and doing service, then go and join the Indian Army and serve the country. Bigg Boss is just a reality game which will last only for a few days but not eternally. This kind of silly army must be removed, he is believed to have said.

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When Babu Gogineni was inside the house, he didn't seem to be on the best of terms with Kaushal. Is that the reason he is targeting Kaushal now? Several Tollywood celebrities like Actor Aadhi, Director Maruthi and Vijay Deverakonda are singing praises of Kaushal's performance on the show and supporting him to win the game.

Coming to Bigg Boss Telugu 2, this week could see double elimination. Amit Tiwari and Ganesh might face eviction next, if a buzz doing the rounds can be trusted. Kaushal and Geetha continue to exhibit their differences on the show and are outdoing each other to clinch the title.