Will Bigg Boss Host Nani Stand By Kaushal Or Geetha Madhuri?

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Bigg Boss 2 contestant Kaushal is one of the hottest celebrities this season. You must have already read many articles about him and his performance on his show not to mention his popularity. He has become a sensational contestant not because of his presence in films but as the most popular reality show contestant, thanks to bigg boss 2.

Well, people are aware about Kaushal Army which has been created groups on WhatsApp, facebook and twitter. Kaushal army is none other than the die heard fans of Kaushal who have won their hearts purely with his performance. Recently, Kaushal came to know about Kaushal army after Nani told the contestant how popular he was and the kind of fame he had been garnering with his consistent performance.

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The next scene, Kaushal's eyes were filled with tears. We are sure Kaushal would do anything to make his countless fans happy. It's no news that Kaushal has already won over the audiences with his performance. Kaushal is all set to make his fans proud by bagging the winner's award for which he is working very hard.

For a long time now, there had been news about a possible clash between Kaushal and host Nani. But now, all the speculation about their enemity seems to have been put to rest after Nani praised kaushal to the skies saying he's one contestant who was playing a fair game and that he has a clarity on what he was doing in the hosue. This is clear indication that Kaushal has won the hearts of Kaushal and his fans who had been heavily trolling him on social media.

While Kaushal's fans have been hailing the contestant as the real hero of bigg boss, Nani seems to have made peace with Kaushal with his words of solace.

Most of the audiences are supporting Kaushal. The best judges of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 are the audiences who have been following the show regularly. On the other hand, there is a talk going on about Bigg Boss 2 contestants that Geetha Madhuri and Syamala have turned cunning and that they are turning out to be worst contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu 2. They are also Geetha Madhuri of manipulating the other players for her benefits. Geetha is trying to gain Sympathy by degrading Kaushal image amongst audiences, it is being said on social media. Let us remind you all that Kaushal has already won Nani's heart and the host himself said "Kaushal, you have got place in people's hearts that is enough more than title." Does it mean he declared Kaushal as the winner or he has also turned into Kaushal's fan? Now, it remains to be seen If Nani will stand by Geetha or Kaushal. Only one month left for the show to wrap up. |Stay tuned for all the updates on Telugu Bigg Boss 2.

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