Bigg Boss Female Contestant’s Misbehavior Irks Husband

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The grand finale of Telugu television channel's most watched reality shows is coming up as Nani's Bigg Boss 2 nears climax. The show is hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, Bigg Boss of the Telugu show, Nani assigned a kissing task to the housemates which didn't go down well with the audience. Roll Rida was asked to kiss Geetha Madhuri as a Secret Task. Every contestant on the show must perform whatever task is assigned to them.

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Without thinking Roll Rida went ahead and kissed Geetha Madhuri on her forehead. Hold on!Not only Roll Rida other contestants too kissed Geetha Madhuri.

And we all know that the other contestant is none other than Samrat who is getting closer to Geetha by the day. Samrat took it as an opportunity to kiss her. Geetha didn't make a fuss about it as she took it as part of the game.

Rumors are flying thick and fast that Geetha Madhuri's husband actor Nandu is upset with his wife's kissing task inside the house.

Most of the audiences are slamming Bigg Boss organizers over inappropriate tasks being assigned to the contestants. They say these tasks are against Telugu tradition. However, Nandu, we hear didn't take kindly to Samrat's kissing of Geetha.

Latest buzz on social media circles is that Geetha and Samrat are worst players and grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The audience opinion over geetha madhuri has changed after the kiss scene, we hear. In all probability, it could lead to her nomination list of eviction next week.

Earlier, Geetha used to be a good supporter of Kaushal but after a few clashes, Geetha has turned her back on him.

Now, it appears that Bigg Boss 2 deliberately wanted to court controversy and hit the headlines ahead of its finale. And the purpose seems to have been served.

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