This Kaushal-Nani Emotional Clip From Bigg Boss 2 Will Make You Cry  

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Looks like everything has fallen into place between Bigg Boss 2 host Nani and contestant Kaushal Manda. Although Nani did not do the unthinkable by announcing the name in a straight forward manner, the audience felt as if the Bigg Boss host had just announced the Bigg Boss 2 winner indirectly, before the show even reached the final episode. Nani heaped heavy praise on Kaushal for gaining a massive fan following among the audience although he faces a backlash from the members of the House.

Has Nani announced that Kaushal would be the winner of Telugu Bigg Boss Season-2? Did Nani indicate that Kaushal is the favorite contestant to bag the Bigg Boss title since he has won the hearts of many? Or is it too early to talk about the winner or Nani's message to the contestants?

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Nani's praise for Kaushal clears the air for those who thought that the Kaushal Army was artificial or it was a paid fan base. It was a proud moment for Kaushal when Nani announced that he was doing well in the House, and that he had won the hearts of a large section of the Bigg Boss audience. Clearly, the news of Kaushal Army came in as a shock to Kaushal himself, who was seen teary eyed immediately after Nani said about Kaushal Army.

Kaushal could be one man army in the show but he has a solid fan following outside the House. Nani said that gaining the love of audience was a far better achievement than becoming a Bigg Boss winner. Kaushal has thanked the audiences for their unconditional love and support.

Amid recent rumors that Kaushal was about to face elimination, it would not be an exaggeration to say that Nani's appreciation of Kaushal came in as a surprise to many. However, some feel that Nani's latest act was a gimmick as part of a scripted plan to improve TRP ratings.

On the other side, Kaushal should be eagerly waiting to meet his fans, after learning about the Kaushal Army. An emotional video that shows Kaushal's teary eyes went viral on social media. Here' the video:

Considering the massive response in the form of votes to Kaushal in last week's nomination process, Kaushal Army could be on cloud nine with Nani's support to Kaushal. It is because of his performances in the House that Kaushal managed to gain such a fan base.

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