Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Gears Up For Triple Elimination

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Bigg Boss Telugu 2 which is being hosted by Nani is always grabbing the headlines for one reason or the other. When the show first aired, it received lukewarm response from the TV audience. Now, when the show is inching towarda climax, things in the house are heating up with clashes amongst the house mates over the tasks assigned by bigg boss. They are keeping the audiences engaged with loads of emotions and drama.

The audience is eagerly waiting to see which contestant will walk out of the house this week. Rumors doing the rounds suggest that in the coming episodes there would be triple elimination with just few days left for wrap up the show.

While Kaushal has won a place in hearts of people who regularly follow Bigg Boss 2. Geetha and Tanish also have their fair share of fan following outside the house. But their fan groups are no match to the Kaushal army which has a great social media presence.

Audience feels that Pooja could be the next contestant to be evicted from the show as she isn't much popular amongst the audience.Everything will be decided by public votes which decides the fate of housemates of Bigg Boss 2.

According to sources, Nani might announce triple elimination this week. Deepti is the captain of the house and she is yet to announce one person to be in the protected zone. We are not so sure about other two-persons fate in the Bigg Boss house. Kaushal and Tanish who are in the list too.

It remains to be seen if Kaushal or Tanish will make it to triple elimination this week. It could happen from next week. Nutan Naidu who took a small break due to his shoulder injury is back on the show to keep the audiences engaged as well as support Kaushal.

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Our assumptions about triple elimination on Bigg Boss Telugu is not ours. Take a look at the tweet:

On the other hand, few of the contestants feel that Geetha Madhuri and Samrat are turning to be the worst players. Those who loved Geetha in the show are losing good impression of her due to her performance on the show. Audiences are expressing their anger over Geetha on twitter. There is also a prediction that Geetha's name will be in next week's nomination list. Let's wait and watch tomorrow's episode to see how the show unfolds.

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