Kaushal Army Tense Over Bigg Boss Elimination Round

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One of the most controversial and entertaining reality shows on television right now is Nani's Bigg Boss 2 which has been grabbing headlines ever since it was aired. The show's popularity could be attributed to the clashes between contestants. And of course , one person who's creating a sensation both inside and outside the house is none other than Kaushal.

It is a known fact that the contestants of Bigg Boss 2 have no contact with the outside people. They don't even have any clue what is happening and what clips from the house they telecast to the audiences. Every weekend Nani appears on the show to announce the name of evicted contestant and also gives a piece of advice to contestants to perform better in the game.

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According to sources, now a days Nani seems to be giving Kaushal a cold shoulder. We do not know it is to create drama and increase TRP rating for his show.

As far as the authenticity if Kaushal Army, it is now clear that this is not a paid fan group. Kaushal army was created when Kaushal stated to one of the contestants I came to play the game not to flirt with girls. I have family and kids who watch this show. I always hold women in high regard. With these kind words, kaushal won the hearts of countless fans.

His die-hard fans formed a group called Kaushal army and have been supporting him in all ways. In Bigg Boss 2, all the contestants have isolated Kaushal and he often becomes a victim of target whenever a task is assigned to him. Several fans are writing open letters about him on social media networks which go viral in no time.

As the show nears its climax, the season-2 is nearing a wrap up with the last few rounds of elimination left. We already told you that Kaushal has been nominated for eviction this week along with other contestants Deepthi, Tanish and Pooja. The voting has already begun and Kaushal fans are working round the clock to ensure he gets maximum votes so he can stay back inside the house. It appears, they are tensed about the outcome of their voting. They never expected Kaushal to reach the eliminaton round. But now that he's been nominated, Kaushal army is losing their sleep.

Latest we hear is that Kaushal has received majority of votes in the nomination list when compared to other contestants this week. If the buzz be true, then Pooja Ramachandran could be evicted from the house this week. Watch this space for day to day updates on Bigg Boss 2.

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