Was Nani Hinting This Contestant Will Win Bigg Boss 2?

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Yes, it looked like that during a recent episode of Bigg Boss 2 where Nani even went on to name the contestant who would likely emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 2 winner.Curious much? Read on to find out which contestant Nani was referring to.

It has been seventy two days since Telugu Bigg Boss 2 went on air. Bigg Boss 2, hosted by Natural Star Nani, is a controversial reality show on TV and the most unpredictable one at that!Most of the contestants in othe show are celebrities. For the first time in Telugu Bigg Boss 2, the organisers have given a chance to commoners like Nutan Naidu, Sanjana and Ganesh. Only a couple of weeks from now left to wrap up season-2. The latest we hear is that Nani and show organizers have their own favourites for winner's title.

Recent buzz that did the rounds hinted at Kaushal being a frontrunner to win Bigg Boss Telugu 2. His name did the rounds after it emerged that he had the most fan following.

Kaushal Army is leaving no stone unturned to promote him and urge people to vote for him. Even Babu Gogineni who got eliminated from the show stated to a leading channel that Kaushal will become the winner of Bigg Boss.

However, If a recent report is anything to go by, Geetha Madhuri or Tanish would bag the winner title of Bigg Boss 2.

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Actress Madhavi shared a letter on Instagram where she revealed the facts about Bigg Boss 2. According to close sources, Geetha or Tanish could get the winner’s title. And the person who would be crowned winner will also get a cash prize of Rs fifty lakhs. There is talk of favouritism too, with respect to Bigg Boss. Tanish and Geetha once shared a healthy relationship with host Nani and the TV channel too. So speculation has been rife that one of these would clinch the title.

But coming back to who Nani was hinting about to become the winner is none other than Tanish. The Bigg Boss, in one of the episodes, declared that he was pitching Bigg Boss contestant Tanish as a top contender. When the word is out from the horse's mouth, do we need any more hints? The very fact that Nani is rooting for Tanish is reason enough to believe that the bigg boss contestant has won the heart of the host and sure stands a chance to win the title.

But guys, who do you think deserves to win the title? Let us know in the comments section below.

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