Who’s The Best Bigg Boss Host: Jr NTR Or Nani?

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Looks like small screen viewers can't get enough of NTR. How then would you explain their unstoppable praise for NTR as Bigg Boss host?

Even though Nani has stepped into NTR's shoes as a host for season-2, fans aren't giving the same kind of reception they gave NTR. If you draw a comparison between these stars, you would get ample differences and similarities. However, today we are here to talk about favouritisms.

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In Bigg Boss Season-1, there were many celebrities like-Siva Balaji, Adarsh Balakrishna, Archana, Dhanraj, Hari Teja, Jyothi, Madhu Priya, Mahesh Kathi, Mumait Khan and Kalpana on the show. However, did NTR have any favorites among these contestants? NTR treated everyone equally and he judged every contestant according to their behavior. But he never supported just one person on the show or give a chance for people to talk about his favoritism.

Now, Nani's Bigg Boss 2 is making noises for all a few good and wrong reasons. In Nani's show there are only few celebrities such as Tanish, Amit, Geetha Madhuri and Syamala. Nani is maintaining a healthy relationship with all of them except Kaushal who sticks to himself and has won the hearts of million with his behacior on the show.

Kaushal's sincerity on the show has not gone unnoticed. He gained a huge fan following. As you are aware by now he has a dedicated fan group which goes by the name Kaushal army. There was news that these are paid fans hired to promote Kaushal on the show. But recently the public clarified that they weren't paid fans but genuine followers of Kaushal. Kaushal's army of fans are irritated with Nani over his favoritism for pointing at Kaushal's mistakes.

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Kaushal army is of the opinion that Nani has a soft corner for one of the bigg boss contestants and Tanish is his favorite in the House. This is probably the reason why Nani isn't seen reprimanding him on the show. A section of the viewer who regularly monitor the show feel that Nani displays bias on the show which NTR never did on season 1.

According to reports, Nani is pitting Tanish against Kaushal. But, after seeing the crazy fan following of Kaushal. It would be tough for Nani or Tanish to compete with Kaushal or defeat his army of fans.

Who is the best host of Telugu Bigg Boss? Is it NTR or Nani? Of course, it is unfair to draw a comparisons. But we do have our favourites right? So, who do you like the most? Tell us in the comments section below.

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