Junior NTR and Nani could have different in their choice of films, experiences in film industry and fan following. However, there's something common to them too and that's the extra efforts they put in to go all out and enthrall the audience.

NTR and Nani have been hosts of Telugu Bigg Boss. So, let's see how the duo has performed so far and check out what's the major difference between the two seasons.

Bigg Boss 1 Telugu Vs Bigg Boss 2:

NTR-Nani: Both the stars have pulled off the role of hosts perfectly. Going by records, NTR's Bigg Boss was way bigger than Bigg Boss 2. Though, Nani's Bigg Boss 2 is garnering attention, the show has been receiving mixed reviews from the audiences.

Social Message: According to the public who revealed interesting facts about the two seasons of Bigg boss, the first one made a greater impact than the second season. Many of the fans have openly said that NTR's Bigg Boss had a social message which would make them watch the show no matter what! Coming to Nani's show, there is no social message at all except fighting and use of filthy language on the show. These were said by the general public when asked by a leading Telugu channel. When NTR hosted the show, contestants used to respect him and wouldn't dare repeat their mistakes inside the house. When it comes to Nani's Bigg Boss contestants are not paying heed to the host's advice or warnings.

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Now, let's draw a comparison between former bigg boss contestants with Bigg Boss 2 contestants who struck a chord and clicked with the audiences.

Kaushal-Siva Balaji: It is a known fact that Siva Balaji was the winner of Bigg Boss-1. According to sources, Siva Balaji didn't create much hype amongst the audiences when he stepped into the show. His popularity gradually increased in the middle of season-1. Coming to Kaushal, we need not tell you how he has grabbed eyeballs with his sincerity, kindness and respect towards other people. Since the beggining of the show, Kaushal impressed the audiences with his own behavior--be it in front of the camera or not. Kaushal always plays a fair game and respected contestants and even Nani despite the latter reprimanding him for no fault of his. People are betting big time for Kaushal to win Bigg Boss 2.

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Geetha Madhuri-Hari Teja: Both these contestants take on challenges inside the house to win audience hearts. They both display the same attitude on the show.

Tanish-Prince: These lover boys are known to develop friendships on the show. They were the first people to flirt with girls inside the house.

Kathi Karthika-Roll Rida: There are a few similarities between the two. They prefer to maintain healthy relationship with housemates and never speak behind them. Their positive attitude has been a plus. Roll Rida in bigg boss 2 is an example now.

Archana- Anchor Deepthi: Deepthi is a tv anchor while Archana was seen in several Telugu films in cameos. Most of the time, they have been spotted on the show with stressing and tensed about every task.

Dhanraj-Amit: Both these stars have been seen in the films of Tollywood top stars. Dhanraj has been seen as comedian and Amit was seen in characters with negative shade in most of the films. On the bigg boss show, they would be good with contestants but when problem occurs, they silently escape from that situation.

These are few a similarities and differences between Bigg Boss seasons 1 and 2, right from host to contestants. Do you have any other names to add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below. We love to hear from you.

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