This Bigg Boss Contestant Is Kaushal Army’s Next Target?

Singer Geetha Madhuri - Sakshi Post

Singer Geetha Madhuri is hitting the headlines ever since her altercation with Kaushal. Earlier, Kaushal and Geetha were good friends. Geetha always used to support Kaushal inside the house in different ways. Recently, she had a big fight with Kaushal which could land her in trouble. Hold on, we are not saying Geetha Madhuri could get eliminated.

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Those who don't know, any contestant of bigg boss 2 who clashes with Kaushal faces problem on social media. His supporters called the Kaushal army heavily troll them on social media platforms. People thought that Geetha Madhuri and Kaushal would go up to the final round. However, that is not meant to be going by the recent developments inside the house.

A latest buzz doing the rounds on social media circles is that Geetha Madhuri could be the next target of Kaushal army? Will Kaushal army ensure her exit from the house? Is Geetha Madhuri the next one to get eliminated from Bigg Boss 2? Well, it is too early to talk about Geetha Madhuri elimination. Eviction depends on a lot of things including people's votes. Coming to votes. Kaushal gets countless votes which could be nearly 1500 from an individual, it is learnt.

On the other hand, there are other new interesting things happening on Nani's Telugu bigg boss 2. People are betting big time on Deepthi Sunaina to get eliminated this week. According to sources, Nutan Naidu has stepped out of the house due to health issues. He is said to be battling shoulder pain.

We will soon be back with more news on bigg boss. Stay tuned.

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