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Bigg Boss 2 contestant Kaushal has become an internet sensation and how! Ever since Bigg Boss 2 started, not a day passes by without news of Kaushal. Thanks to the support lent by Kaushal Army. Recently, Kaushal's fans created an app dedicated to the bigg boss 2 contestant which is now available on google play store. Now, we are back with another interesting news that Kaushal Army has created a song which has gone viral on social media network in no time.

The song lyrics are interesting and has caught the attention of people. Kaushal is the winner of Bigg Boss. The song heaps praises on the popular Bigg Boss contestant, Kaushal. anybody who clashes with Kaushal anna faces elimination. We will show the support of Kaushal army. Bhanu Sri Reddy and Tejaswi stepped out of the show after taking panga with Kaushal and his army of fans.

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Here is the full song for you:

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Kaushal fans are leaving no stone unturned to show how much they admire Kaushal for his character and behavior on the show. Kaushal Army songs are so melodious and foot-tapping. We already informed you that Kaushal would emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 2. We bet Kaushal army wouldn't spare anyone if their idol fials to clinch the Bigg Boss Winner title. We have Kaushal Army App and Song dedicated to him. Let's wait and watch to see the interesting memes that would flood the social media in coming days.

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Bigg Boss 2 has is being hosted by actor Natural star Nani and it has been receiving positive reviews from across quarters. There is a buzz that Bigg Boss is a hit only because of Kaushal. Without Kaushal the show ratings could have gone down, it is learned. Of course, it would after seeing the huge fan following of Kaushal. Watch this space for more.

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