Babu Gogineni Reveals Bigg Boss 2 Winner Name

Babu Gogineni - Sakshi Post

Nani's Bigg Boss 2 contestants who got eliminated over the last few weeks such as Tejaswi and Nandini Rai have made some sensational comments against Kaushal. Now, Babu Gogineni who was recently evicted from the house last week has joined that list by revealing some interesting facts about him. When Babu Gogineni was inside the house, Kaushal and Gogineni were at loggerheads.

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To a Telugu news channel, former Bigg Boss 2 contestant has said that Kaushal will likely win Bigg Boss 2. Because Kaushal has huge support inside and outside the house. I never thought Kaushal as my competitor on the show, he added. Before entering the show itself I knew I can't make it to the finals. To be honest, we didn't get justice from the show or people. Because Kaushal has huge support from the audiences. I have seen it through voting process. May the best man win Bigg Boss 2. going by social media trends and people's reactions I have no doubt Kaushal will emerge winner, he said.

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Kaushal is a one man army on the show. No matter how many clashes he has with fellow contestants, his fans make sure he is not targetted. Kaushal army not only supports him unconditionally but also trolls other contestants who pass comments against him. Bigg Boss 2 is all set to wrap up in a couple of weeks from now. Rumors doing the rounds suggest that Kaushal could step into the shoes of Nani and NTR as the host of the next season of the reality TV show—Bigg Boss 3. He has become an internet celebrity after stepping into the show. Everyday, Kaushal is trending on various social media platforms. Are you a Kaushal fan? Let us know why you admire him so much. We would like to hear from you.

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