Will Kaushal Host Bigg Boss 3 Telugu?

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Will Kaushal Host Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Bigg boss contestant Kaushal's name seem to be making all the bright noises in the recent days. The show viewers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh seem to be going ga ga over the contestant. The buzz is that kaushal has become more popular than Nani. Most of the audiences are raving about Kaushal's performance on the show as well. He has even managed to woo the women with his mannerisms.

He now enjoys a huge female following. Most of them are now calling him as an addiction on the show. Over the past few weeks, Kaushal has been seen as a one man army.

There's buzz that host Nani is telecasting just the negative side of Kaushal to put him in dark bad light amongst the audiences. Those who don't know, whatever Nani does to Kaushal has failed to have an effect on his crazy fan following in India and USA. Have you seen Kaushal army's funny video shared on social media platforms yet?

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Only few days left to wrap up Bigg Boss 2. The tv organizers are looking forward to soon launch season-3. They have already started working on selecting contestants for Season-2. If you are one among the army of Kaushal fans, here is an interesting bit of news for you. Kaushal has gained immense popularity among the audiences within a span of sixty days. We bet, Kaushal would emerge as the winner of Season-2.

If latest grapevine doing the rounds is any indication, Kaushal is likely to follow the footprints of Nani. If You are wondering how? Kaushal could be the host of Season-3. He has the knack, mannerisms and attitude to carry on the show on his shoulders. His behaviour in this season stands testimony to that.

If organizers were to take audience opinion, then Kaushal army would definitely support him to see him as the anchor of the next season.

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Let us remind you all that Anchoring is not new to Kaushal because he played host on Dance Baby Dance. If everything goes as planned, then Kaushal will sure have a hold over contestants on the show.If Kaushal hosts Season-3 the trp ratings of the show would definitely hit the roof.

Kaushal army fans would you like to see Kaushal as host on Season-3. Let us know in the comments section below who's your choice to host the next season. We would love to hear from you.

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