This Bigg boss 2 Contestant Will Lose Because Of Kaushal Army

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Bigg boss 2 is one of the most watched reality shows on TV. Nani is hosting the current season and the show is garnering a lot of TRPs. Each day the show is getting more interesting with controversies surrounding one contestant or the other. Every time a contestant is ousted from the show, he/she drops a bomb and once out they talk bad about the show.

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The latest contestant to spill the beans about the show is none other than the newly evicted contestant Nandini Rai. She has made some sensational comments against Kaushal. Although the belief is that the contestant is getting a lot of mileage because of his fan group called Kaushal Army, Nandini says that it is far from the truth.

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Kaushal is only getting bad name due to Kaushal Army. As soon as Kaushal comes out of the show definitely one of the contestants would ask him what is the big deal about Kaushal army. Every contestant on bigg boss 2 have formed a bad opinion on Kaushal and army followers. Finally, it is affecting Kaushal, I don't know if he has realised this yet, said Nandini Rai.

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