Nandini Rai’s Sensational Comments On Kaushal

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Nandini Rai’s Sensational Comments On Kaushal: For all the fans of Telugu Bigg Boss, here's an interesting bit of news we came across. Nandini Rai, who was one of the contestants on Bigg Boss Telugu 2 was evicted from the show. She has levelled some allegations against Kaushal and Kaushal army. Nandini Rai while talking to one of the channels has revealed some interesting facts about Kaushal. She said that he could have formed the Kaushal army before stepping into the show.

In recent episodes, whoever clashed with Kaushal like Tejaswi and kiriti faced elimination only because of Kaushal army, she said. Kaushal would also maintain a distance from all of the contestants inside the house. Whenever we called him to have food he would stay say he would eat later and asked us to carry on. He would go for a walk. It appears Kaushal's actions inside the house and reactions out of the house were pre-planned. Why are the organisers not able to decide either Kaushal is bad or good because of his actions. Basically, he does that he behaves well and at times bad. Kaushal always raises unnecessary points on the show after every task.

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Kaushal overreacts most of the time. Kaushal is always a good person. He was my first friend on the show. None of the contestants have supported me like Kaushal. We used to have small clashes on the show but we were good friends inside and outside the house.

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